Why is it difficult for the goverment to withdraw from business?

Why is it difficult for the goverment to withdraw from business?

Credits to singaporewindow.

Even though this is a 7 year old article but it is 'well preserved' and speaks volume. I do not know if others have read this article or not.

Just recently, Ho Ching was to find a new chairman for Temasek Holdings and things are not going well. Judging from this article, it might not be hard to find the answer?
Of course, it is not as simple also. There is probably something else too. Still wondering should i post that too?

There are few changes in the article though, but i am too lazy to go find and amend them. Probably another time.

I find it amusing how being in the army actually serves you well. When you retire from the army, it seems that your way is already paved, you will have the high post in a good company. I know a few people in the article personally. The people who i know though are really focused on this work and they also really turn the company around with ideas. There is one though that is how can i say in a nice manner, does not know what he is doing there, he is like sitting there in the office getting a high pay.He is not in the article though, but he is a high ranking officer.I guess you have to pay high bucks to some high official to seal their lips on goverment secrets.That is one way to look at it. The other way would be this article. OR ?

You can also refer to my friend Alex who is probably going to blog about it in the night.


AmbiguousAmbitions said...

They are always this lame.

Anonymous_X said...

Heh. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Roxy. said...

Ambiguous Ambitions - Haha.
Anon X - Thanks.

Shingo T said...

My friends used to joke about why Ho Ching is so powerful - Because she goes to bed with the prime minister. =p

Roxy. said...

i shall not make further comments.