Relief coming soon.

2 weeks and 4 more days.I will unofficially graduate.

First and foremost, i can heave a big of relief because i actually managed to graduate. Studying has never been a forte of mine.I think it applies to all students. During my first year, i remember telling my friends that if i did not pass any modules for the first year, i am going to transfer to another course. In any case, i am still in the same course, so yes, i pass all my courses for the first year but with terrible results which i am ashamed of.

During my first year, i was still quite hardworking but struggling, the bf was my senior, so basically i spent quite a number of times with him.The only thing i aced was computing language. Oh yes, i also started this blog in 2006. I also had a CCA then. Dragonboat which i sort of like quited in like 2/3 sessions.

During my second year, the bf was in his final year, while i was in the second, still struggling with the subjects. I abhor all the wires stuff, all those ohm law, right hand rule and all sorts yet part of my module was electronics engineering. The only thing that i was really interested in was the frequency stuff,some project based stuff and computing which i aced again in my second year. I was also selected to be in the school of engineering debate team. That was really quite an experience.

Now i am in the final leg of my final year.The first semester of my final year was really fun. My specialization was telematics which i really had not much interest but it was the easiest to pass.I was glad that i chose something that i like though which was the mobile computing module.During my FYP, though it was not what i expected, but it strengthen my interest in computing.

I have actually other interest too, but they are being put aside at the moment because some times dreams of mine are not easily attained.Sometimes, i wonder if i had taken the other route, where would i actually end up?

I am now at another crossroad of my life. This is not one of the major crossroads though but i am very determined now to have my computing degree first.

Now the only thing is that school will only start for me in AUG next year !
I have nearly a whole year !

What should i do?
Globe - trotting?
Be a barista or become a barrister(LOL) (that was my childhood dream)?
Write a book?
or laze at home?

I am actually more inclined to working but am not sure work as?


Plankton McPlank said...

Congratulations :)! I promise to buy your book if you ever become an author. Heh. Damn, I can't wait for my turn to graduate.

Roxy. said...

haha. long way before i can even become a good author. u are graduating from?

Shingo T said...

4 years in university, and I have been counting down towards getting the piece of paper.

Uni was actually fun. Though I may not totally enjoy the studying, but hey, I love having tea and chit chatting with friends during breaks (or truancy).

And then there's always the nice scenery in uni - hot-looking classmates (oops!)

I miss school. =(

Shingo T said...

Just to add, most Singaporeans work till they are in their 60s.

Once you start working, and later move on to getting married and having kids, you start getting more commitments in life.

And then you travel much less. =(

In short, its ok to go splurge a bit even you start earning. Because you can't buy back lost youth.

After which, get a job which will boost your portfolio. If you are undecided, go for jobs that will train you on soft skills - they are useful everywhere.

My 2 cents.

Roxy. said...

Thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it. (: