Welcome back!

It's been nearly a week since I last posted my entry. It's been quite an enjoyable working week. The first days were spent surfing the web basically slacking around till I was bored to death. Later, went site surveying which was a really once in a lifetime experience. Went to buildings rooftop to survey coverage and just driving around the island testing coverage. I guess u can guess what sort of company I work at now.

During the whole entire last week, I was preparing for a young adults camp that was in a few days times. Can you imagine the rush!
During the week, I was also looking forward to the camp mainly because it was a break from my usual lifestyle of just working and going out.

I am just glad that the whole camp turned out well. I made closer friends, though I dun know did they too think the same.

I 'changed' my phone. The main thing is that nearly 300 of my contacts are gone because they are phone contacts. At first, I was very angry but after a while, I realized this might be the time for revamp afterall, do I really contact all 300 contacts regularly?
Up to date, I only have 50. See the huge difference!


Shingo T said...

Haha, you work at a telecommunication company. Which one I do not know, unless you tell me the percentage coverage. Haha.

Camp sounds like fun. Haven't been to one for gazillion years.

You got youself a Iphone?

Roxy. said...

The coverage for my company quite lousy. Probably 80% of Singapore. Haha.
Yes, the camp was fun and also made me fat. Ate supper for 2 days!
I already had the Iphone. Just replaced the entire phone because speaker was not working.