Lifes perspective.

This following week would be my last week for attachment. During my last few weeks, I have learned many many things not just technical knowledge, but actually life stories and even how to survive it.

During my first outdoor survey, I went out with this engineer. As we were heading towards our location, we chatted. During the tea break, he told me about his life story. At his time, primary schools had streaming at pri 3. He was admitted to the worst stream, Pri 8 with no PSLE and straight to vocational school. At the vocational school, he learned how to fix cars. After getting out of vocational school, he went to the army. He realized that he did not even have any single qualification so he applied for part time secondary school at the age of 20. At 25, he got his 'O' level. He went to polytechnic at the age of 26. He was nearly 30 when he got his polytechnic diploma. From there, he took a part time university degree course. He got his degree at the age of 34. Now he is 38. Can you imagine my shock when I heard that? He is a really determined person.

Second life story, this was about my supervisor who is the manager. She was from ITE , went to do part time poly diploma course, bonded with the NAVY for 6 years, came out and went England to study for a degree.

People that really started from the super bottom and rise up slowly but surely. I was really inspired by their lifes and determination.

There was a time when I posed the question ,what is life, to both a 25 year old girl and a 60+ guy.
The 25 year immediately perked up with do everything, establish the career, do your best.
The 60+ guy said take it easy.
What a world of difference.


Shingo T said...

When you have nothing to lose, you can go all out.

The guy who got his degree at 34 years old is damn good!

Travel the path less travelled, and see things that others do not get to see.

Anonymous_X said...

Yes, take it easy! (but I'm not 60+, btw)