Starbucks WINE? / Coffee Jelly.

New Starbucks serves wine: "New Starbucks serves wine

LOS ANGELES - STARBUCKS Corp next week will open a new neighbourhood cafe pilot store that will feature beer and wine, night-time hours and live entertainment such as music and poetry readings.
That Seattle cafe, called 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea, takes its name from its street address and borrows heavily from neighbourhood coffee shops.
A Starbucks spokeswoman said the cafe and any others that follow, would return to making espresso drinks by hand and sell products without the Starbucks logo.
The coffee chain, which has been slashing costs and closing hundreds of poorly performing Starbucks outlets amid a long recession, said the first pilot store is a renovated Seattle Starbucks that was slated to be shuttered by year end.
Starbucks stores around the world currently do not serve alcohol. -- REUTERS"

Woah ! Not bad. I think the Starbucks in Singapore might be earning money though. I see a rise of youngsters going there now.
I guess affluence means that a 7 buck coffee no longer hurts anyone's pocket.
Anyway, i got a few comments from my friends about the new Starbucks Coffee Jelly. And i drank it too once. It is GRASS JELLY ! Wah liao, gimmick lah ! All my friends agreed that Starbucks is prolly testing to see if AZNs can be fooled by this 'Coffee Jelly", then so can the Westerners. LOL. The Coffee Jelly was released in Japan ealier.
Anyway, i shd do this for fun, put 40 cents grass jelly in the Caramel Frappe and then treat someone saying it is Coffee Jelly, bet cha they cant tell the difference. (:

Anyway, back to work. TGIF ! Woohoo !
Oh yeah, got my allowance from the company. Damn pathetic. -.-'


Plankton McPlank said...

Aha, a fellow coffee lover! I visited this outlet at Japan and they even added gummy bears to coffee. I have no idea why they get their ideas from.

Have a nice day :)

Roxy. said...

Yes! Yes!
Japan is always ahead of others I suppose. They have very quirky but good ideas. I guess for the gummy bears, it would take a mighty long time to reach Singapore. But that would be nice. Or maybe I can always try it out by adding gummy bears in my coffee. Haha. (:

Plankton McPlank said...

Haha I've beat you to it, first thing when I returned from japan was to try making gummy bear coffee, but they melted and turn my coffee gooey all the time. Oh well. Better leave these innovative stuffs to the japanese :p

Enjoy your day :)!

Roxy. said...

Hot coffee?
U make me wanna go to japan's starbucks. Argh.