Notes on a Scandal...

This is a really good movie. I was reading the plot while watching it. This is a sick yet thought provoking movie. Certain thoughts were brought up while watching the show. The manipulation of another human being, invoking "feelings" to befriend a person. She was like a predator hunting a prey.

Now, i am going to find the novel to read. I guess it will be probably be just as good thought there are differences in both the novel and the movie.
Now, i have a dozen books waiting for me to read them.

4 weeks more to the end of IA ! Then its time to hit the drums, tanning and FREEDOM !
All for a short while before i start my new course. (:

I am so so tired. ):
I so so wanted to rant on something but decided against it.
I have started on my path to my goal, now am awaiting acceptance. (:
The 2 BFs are mad. They both wanna go to MIT.
Oh yeah, SB deleted my comment on their page for saying that their coffee jelly tastes like grass jelly. ):

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