When the Boss is not in, you do stupid stuff like this.

Put your ipod on shuffle and put the song titles as the answers.

When you wake up you say... Why Worry ( The All American Rejects)

Its friday, how do you feel? Just Dance ( Lady Gaga)

Summer! The first thing you do... Mrs Darcy ( Dario Marianelli)

When you see your crush you think... 1,2,3,4 ( Plain White T's)

The song that describes your best friend.... Live High ( Jason Mraz)

When your alone you think... It Ends Tonight ( The All American Rejects)

Just failed your final! What do you say!? Romeo N Juliet ( Clazziquai)

This is your favorite song - A Twist in My Story ( Secondhand Serenade)

This song describes your room - Details in the Fabric ( Jason Mraz)

Your crush just asked you out! You say... Only Human ( Jason Mraz)

This song describes your personality - Don't Trust Me ( 30H!3)

This song describes your past - Hey There Delilah ( Plain White T's)

Song that describes your life - Skyway Avenue ( We the Kings)

This song describes your future - Fill My Little World ( The Feeling)

Another Survey- The whole engineering team is OUT !

What was the last thing you had from Starbucks? Venti Caramel with Java Chip ( Value For Money) Oh yes, i am a "miser". (:

Which of these body parts can you crack willingly: knuckles, neck, toes, wrists, knees, shoulders?
Knuckles Only. I heard its bad to do that though.

What is the worst thing you have ever tasted?
ATM nothing.

What is your (or was your most recent) locker number?I so do not have a locker !

What brand of bottled water do you like best? I drink boiled water. ( I'm a "miser")

What kind of frosting do you prefer on chocolate cake? Vanilla??

What was the first cell phone you had? Some Siemens Phone that an Orange Backlight instead of the usual green backlight. LOL

Which are your favorite socks? I prefer flip flops.

What does your handwriting look like? Ooo, i just did some handwriting analysis.

When is your three-quarter birthday? Considering if i live up to 100, my 75th birthday would be in 2063.

Which band or singer do you dislike?
None at the moment. Oh yeah, my CHINESE IS CMI! So please stop asking me to hear CHINESE SONGS. YES, YOU THE BF !

Who is your favorite Winnie the Pooh character? Tigger, no particular reason. Maybe he's hyperactive??

Do you prefer neon, straight flourescent, curly flourescent, or standard light bulbs? Standard WHITE light bulbs.

Are the light bulbs so shiny, just begging for you to lick them? Eh, no no that is like so sick.

If you had a pet lobster, what would you name it? Maine. I dun know y, dun ask.

Do you burn inside?
Burn? Burn people?

4 weeks more ~
Losing weight for the BIG DAY !

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