Google Moon??

Google Earth adds Moon to List

Google Earth has added the Moon to their new list of conquest.
The Moon is now in anyone's reach, there is even Mars.

As i have Google Earth on my computer, decided to take a look at the Moon.
From the picture below, we can see the Moon has become quite populated. Actually only this part. Sooner or later, might have 'moon trade'. LOL

Multinational Moon Russia been there, USA been there, China been there. Nearly all the superpowers have been up there. They better hold their hands and be friends. Wouldn't want a Moon War 1 do we?

Would it be Singapore's time soon? After all weren't there plans to build a Space Station in Singapore? That was like in 2006. Construction was supposed to start in 2008. Now is 2009. I guess the whole thing went *poof* due to lack of funding.

Anyway, its been 40 years since the first manned spacecraft landed on the Moon. No prizes was guessing.
Anyway, does anyone else remember the other crew beside the oh so famous 'Neil Armstrong'?
I guess not.


Plankton McPlank said...

Talk about coincidence! I just found out that there'll be an eclipse happening at 8.50am tomorrow morning siah! Don't miss it :)


The Horny Bitch said...

I wanna read abt u leh.

Roxy. said...

Plankton - Sadly cant watch it at home. Trying to find for the webcast.

THB - Next post. Haiz. sad case. want to cry already.

Shingo T said...

I know there's this guy called Buzz who was also one of the first man on the moon.

But somehow, everyone only know Neil Armstrong.

Roxy. said...

Shingo - Yea, Buzz Aldrin. Buzz Lightyear from toy story was inspired by him. Hmmm, now's who the other guy?