Update on the ill fated FYP

It was not meant to be it seems. I sort of know my results even though not yet finalized. I was not called up. I guess I kinda expected it. The person who got it was the understudy that I refered in my previous posts. He got it. Congrats.

Even though I felt bitter and upset. I guess everything happens for a reason. This thing is not up to my control. I knew I tried my best, but only this time, the best was not enough. You also had to be the understudy of the right person, not stating that mine was bad. She was great , but sadly in terms of position. She is not up there yet. Probably a few more years, she will tower over them.

I guess the only thing is to just focus on the upcoming conference and also know more people within that community. Like what the Luke wrote, get to know more researchers. I guess this is a good start. At least I can put this on the extra activities on my application to the U.

Update done.
Sleep time.
Coffee makes me sleep. (:


Shingo T said...

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

Roxy. said...

thanks. (: