Getting the drive back in life.

Point form that diverts from one thing to another with every paragraph.

I am feeling much better after drowning myself in Starbucks and exercise. I realize the contradiction.My emotions are like the y=x^2 graph. Fluctuating consistently. I guess that is why i am a woman.

Last night, watched Howard Schultz Bio. He is the the CEO of Starbucks. Learned a few more things about Starbucks.Was thinking of going to Seattle to take a look at the original Starbucks. Oh yes, i am that random.

Internet was down at my place last night. Called Starhub up. I just realized i knew what cables i was holding in my hands ( they were N to N cables) and i knew what was a splitter. I could explain to the customer service my problem and even confirmed and told them it's nothing to do with my side and its was their signals and their remote server. I guess i did actually learn something from the attachment company that i am in, even though i was eavesdropping at their technical terms and pick up nits and bits on some technical stuff.Ok, i am still not good, but i know some basic stuff. Score 1 for network engineering.

My MSN is in some foul mood. Cant seem to log on.I hope it does not delete all my contacts like what few of my friends are encountering, but weird thing i can log on to my email.

I have been listening to a lot of music recently. Listened to Final Fantasy X Ending Theme,To Zanarkand,Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown, All American Rejects When the World come down, Retrace,The Script,We the Kings. I realize they are mostly depressing songs.

Does the world thrive on sadness? Is being emotional and weak a weakness? How many times do we have to put up a facade to show we are strong but yet breaking inside? Who do we cry to in times of trouble? Comforted by false words of empathy? Do you for once say those words like you truly mean it or just for the sake of it to get it over and done with? People tell you live life as it is, live life with balance, life goes on. Life this, Life that.

For me, i live life one way only. This is not my life, this is his life, but am i living it in his way?

Everything happens for a reason.

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