What the #$*#. Goodyear leaves Temasek???

Goodyear leaves Temasek

Supposed reasons :

"Too strict?"

"Not the path of what Temasek wants"

"Not the path of what Temasek wants Part 2"

Taken from Straits Times.

Reuters : "Bruised or Battered by Goodyear"

An article that i agree upon : "Temasek and Transparency 2"

The article when Goodyear first was announced to become the CEO :
" Temasek and Transparency"

At a span of months, the winds have changed.
I like one part of these articles : " A Reuters columnist then questioned why it took 'five months to discover the yawning gulf between them', especially since Temasek had reportedly courted Mr Goodyear for a good 15 months prior to his appointment. "

So so true. Why Temasek?


Shingo T said...

Looks like its a badyear (pun intended) for Temasek. =p

Roxy. said...

Haha. But so far, no significant stock changes to the company.