Dream Course

This week, I have been scurrying around collecting stuff for my application to this particular course. This course is by no means an easy course. It will divert from what I have been learning in poly by a whole lot, but I will truly love this course.
Have been driving around from east to west and back again. The whole day just collecting stuff. It's a first for me filling in real proper application letters with essays, recommendation letters and referees. The funny thing was after I collected everything, I realized I forgot the most important thing - MY DIPLOMA !
Luckily, i was given an extension and i could submit my letter of certificate first signifying that I was a student in my school and am going to graduate while awaiting for my diploma to be processed.
If I am accepted to this course, I will be bonded but I will be a happy bonded person I think. :D
Anyway, for this next 2 years plus, starbucks will be getting more revenue. LOL.


Shingo T said...

This sounds good.
Congrats! ^_^

Roxy. said...

yea, it sounds good and is good. I hope i get accepted. (:

The Happy Bitch said...

I love Starbucks Fruppacino leh.

Anw, the oysters at The Line were ok only. Those I had in Sydney were like 50 times better. Slurps!

Roxy. said...

Starbucks FTW !
The Starbucks overseas also better. ):
Aussie Oysters FTW too !