Ms Ris Low - 'BOOM' Criminal

Ms Ris Low, the recently crowned Miss Singapore World and also made famous the 'BOOM' has been found guilty of credit card fraud and impersonating those identities.
Now that is a real BOOM factor. She was swiping credit cards from her customers at a healthcare company she was working at. She spent more then $2,400 from the credit cards.
I remember readin a forum about her background from a supposed friend of hers. This guy say that Ris Low has a kind heart and you know how the good characters and such. It was only her speech problem. Oh ya, he also mention that she got an A1 for her English in O levels. ( eh, I dun speak that bad in front of a tv)
The main thing now is that she I guess would certainly be stripped of her title considering the fact that she has a record now. I wonder if the judges at the Miss Singapore World knew about it. And then, we just discovered another new trait of hers too - lying. This is sure a 'RAD & LOUD' news. (:

The news article can be seen at - Click Me !


Plankton McPlank said...

Haha my friend showed me the news this morning too! And then we were talking about how prison uniform are jebra pweens in the movies.

At least she'll feel right at home :)!

Shingo T said...

Shame on the girl. But feel bad for her too, she's gonna be remembered as the first Miss Singapore with a record.