Have been having my holidays.
A fruitful and well deserved one.
The first part of my holiday was preparing for a conference presentation.
After that was a trip to know what I truly wanted. I still have not fully decided what I really want, but who can fathom my wandering mind?
Sitting on one of the long car trips with a book in my hand, I suddenly had this lust, wanderlust they called it. But alas, expenses at hand are not sufficient. Working to me a foreign word yet I have to yield to it to finance this lust. When I was back from this trip, I fell back to the cruel hands of the dogs. I know to dream is to starve. Will a dream of mine be extinguished? There is a small glimpse of hope out there but is the light still shining? Will she once more fail me?
I seek no more then the one struggling for a dream.


Shingo T said...

Dreams are cool if you use them as goals and work towards it.

Else, it's just a daydream. ^_^

Imma Kanye West said...

Yo Roxy, I'm real happy for you and all and Imma let you finish, but Genie is one of the biggest dreamer of ALL TIME!

Roxy. said...

Shingo T - yes yes. I hope mine is not day dream. working towards it.

Kanye West - u make my day. (: