Porridge is a staple meal of Chinese people. Porridge is a meal that i have eaten for years. It will fill me up. It is simple and yes, bland. The method of cooking porridge is a very very simple process that does not require much effort. Whenever you add ingredients in the porridge, you can easily see it because porridge is just there. It is clear and white. Of course eating porridge for years will sometimes make me yearn for other food.

Curry is a not considered. It is a dish. A side dish in this case. Curry takes time and many different spices to cook. There are many names for curry. Ingredients in the curry are hard to differentiate thus curry is like a mystery. You have to eat the ingredients to know what type of curry you are eating. Eating too much curry can give me diarrhoea, in fact it gave me 6 diarrhoeas, but yet i am addicted.

I had a love hate affair with curry. It was great while it lasted,but its time to go back to the staple food that has been there for me all this while.

When you're crazy about curry, that's fine but no matter how much you love curry, you have too much of it, it takes the roof of your mouth off. And then you never want to see curry for a really, really long time but you wake up one day and you think... god I really miss curry.

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Shingo T said...

You are like the moth, attracted to the light (curry in your case). =p

I said "NO" to the curry, but the curry said "YES". And I ended up eating it too. =(