Have you ever taught kids?
I remember being in their shoes many years back. How time files and now I am a teacher. Of course, I am the youngest teacher. :D
I am not the perfect teacher I must say. I break the rules with the kids. I basically act like a kid myself. Whenever, there were stuff for the kids to do, I wanted in too. These kids that I taught were one of the best that I have.
I teach a few batches and some are left better unsaid.
These kids really bonded well with each other and I had really great fun with them. I made many friends within these kids.
The highlight was when a kid tells an adult that I was a good role model really brightens up my entire day, no make that a week. The kids really look up to you and it reminded me of how I felt when I was in school. I admired my teachers too.
A teacher is not just a teacher. He/She is a friend. A friend you can pour your sorrows and ask life's question and stuff you don't know.
I made a lot of friends. :D
And i know I will be there to guide them for their youth next year.

But an adult offered me an advice - do not be emotionally attached. You have to detach yourself.
What do you make of it?

I find it super duper hard to apply. Call me emotional then. (:


The Happy Bitch said...

Kids look up to teachers for some reason. I love the kids I taught. =)

Shingo T said...

I was a part-time tuition teacher for about 7 years. I really looked forward to the classes.

Nothing neats enjoying yourself and getting paid at the same time. ^_^

Roxy. said...

Yea, i admire my teachers. :D
Haha. Great job. (: