Life 2

What is life? These are questions innate and it is never because I am a free person with time in my hand but rather it's a question I have asked. I recently drew out 5 stages of life and everything and decipting the way on how life is defined. I won't go into the biology of life but rather the existence of life and why are you living. Biologists will show the mechanic parts on how life works and all sorts.
What is the purpose of life?
God's glory?
Everyone's end is death. Of course I will not delve into religion. That is another thing. Religion basically puts perspective and meaning in life but what if you are an atheist?


Plankton McPlank said...

"Life is to death the same way light is to darkness. It is also happiness to sadness. It's always the absence of the latter"

My devout christian neighbor said this some time back and I thought she was smoking pot.

I think the most important thing isn't to have a strawberry shortcake life, but rather have no regrets at the end of it :)

Shingo T said...

To me, life is an opportunity to explore, to learn and to love, with the limited time we have.

Roxy. said...

Plankton - your comment reminds me of the questions i did for my english exam. Yes, i hope not have regrets in my life, but sadly i have a few.

Shingo - Yeah, i guess i sometimes overlook the simple parts and tend to be thinking too much. Probably have to take a breather and really enjoy life. :D