Why is it only in the night then i think about stuff?
Why is it my mind churns stuff?
Why are you always on my mind?
Why is that such intense attraction between us?
Why did i have to meet you?
Why oh why?

I have been reading books about philosophy. Of course, my mind is not as quick witted or as smart as these philosophers. When i started reading the books, i realized that most philosophers are actually quite a depressed bunch, because they can never find the answer they want. They live in their thoughts and pondered a lot about it.

I have many thoughts but as i slowly settled down into this working phase of my life, my posts will be irregular and very very random.


The Happy Bitch said...

Same as me la. Can find time to blog one. Anw, those people have nothing better to do but sit around and find some sense for other people's life.

Shingo T said...

Think less. Ignorance can be a bliss sometimes. ^_^

Roxy. said...

THB- yeah yeah, no time. But at least can plurk. haha.

Shingo - i hope i can think less. cuz thinking too much is quite bad for me.