Random Thoughts.

Random thoughts. I have been very busy to blog out proper blog entries thus most of the time it would mostly be the short and random thoughts.

1) During the weeks, i realized who i could rely on and who i could not. When i was in trouble, the only person i could rely on was a person who i knew for just over a year. While another one whom i have been quite close for over 3 years failed me even though the person was a 5 min distance away from me. The person shrugged, gave excuses and disappeared. I guess this is the attitude of ' false friends'. And that person was not the only one. I guess as time passes, you can see the true color of most friends.

2) I have been working and studying for the past few weeks thus the busy schedule being not able to blog and also being not able to come online that often. But i have been plurking quite regularly. Add me if you are on PLURK as well. (:

3) A thing i learn over the weeks. I have to learn to say 'NO' to people. I have been saying 'YES' and then realizing the fact that i have so many other commitments that has forced me to actually build up stress. But the fact remains that if i so commit to something, i will surely do it. So please do not call me irresponsible. I do not like people to assume things. The reason why i do not tell people anything about my schedule or what commitments i have is mainly because i know what they are thinking. People expect me to share what is my concerns and such. But at the end of the day, do they really remember or do they even bother to follow up? A rough estimate would be about the 70% of people that would not remember.
The next thing would be that people who expects you to share, and after you tell them of your stuff and then you try to tell them you cannot really take up this commitment because of the various things that you have. They start telling you about themselves about how they are equally busy and blah blah blah, but yet they are committing themselves. I know i seem selfish by talking about this. But this is how it works. So i seldom share. This does not equate me to being monosyllabic.

I wanted to write about something when i realized that some things need not be written to actually prove that these things do happen. It has always happen in this world i live in.


Plankton McPlank said...

You'll have a higher income come graduation, hence able to indulge in a better standard of living. I learn this from my notes.

Hang in there soldier!

Roxy. said...

Yeah. Wah, what subject? Econs?
It's true, but it would only be for a starting pay. The onward raise would still be up to your abilities.
Another 2 years and i will grad. :D

V said...

ooh cheer up woman! shall meet u after our exams to catch up more. jiayou for ur exams n stay positive!

if there's any help u need just tell me.


Plankton said...

It's social studies. Remember the low income leads to poverty hence trapping citizens in vicious cycle thing? It'll all be worth the hardwork and toil!

Plankton said...

Hey! I just saw a coffee article and remembering your soft spot for coffee, decided to share it with you:


Haha. Nice day!

Shingo T said...

As we all grow up, our priorities start to change. And some people start putting more focus on their other halves, at their jobs, or their newfound hobbies.

But well, at least you found your true friend. ^_^

Jia you! And don't say too much "yes" at your own expense.

Roxy. said...

V- Thanks V. Reminds me of Vendetta. You should totally watch it for your lit studies. Btw, i shall sent you the script for 500 Days. Totally slip my mind. Sorry.

Plankton - Oh Geo! all i can remember from geo is the rice !
Thanks for remembering that i have a soft spot for coffee. And i learned a lot from that comic. I might put it up for my next post when i am free. :D

Shingo- Thanks Shingo. Yeah, my dreams keep changing. Haha, now i thinking of even pursuing a degree in philosophy just for the interest. But not sure how long this will last. My mind really runs randomly. Yeah, am glad that i found my true friend. Yup, have been rejecting a lot of commitments now but felt a bit sad that i could not help due to my busy schedule. :(