There is philosophy in marketing.

As i was listening to the marketing teacher, things started going in my head and it wasnt marketing.

It started with the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

There i was wondering about how life revolves about needing things. Humans requires a lot of things. We are never easily satisfied by what we have. How many people actually reach the top of that pyramid?
This was actually in context to how the market has needs,wants and demands.
I was thinking quite a lot of things.

Then the next that came along was SWOT.

As the lecturer was explaining about applying SWOT to businesses. The mind drifted again and i started to wonder how human actually uses something like this to assess people or some sort. Maybe i was scarred by recent issues regarding people that caused me to form such thoughts. It was along the line on how people actually befriend certain people because of
- Networking
- Favors
-Just for the sake of it

We always have perceived thoughts of a certain person we meet, we expect them to be that person we form in our mind and when that person happen to fall within our expectations, we accept them and we would reject them for they tend not to fall within our 'ideal' expectations.
We assess their strengths and weakness and the opportunities and the threats.

Lastly, we had marketing research.

As he was talking about how marketing researchers engage in activities so that they can understand the consumer needs.
He post a question to one guy in the class about his needs. His needs was to be rich.

Money makes people around the world giggle like kids, jump like mad. Money moves the world.
Of course, that will start me on what is life? Is money all to life? Is the goal of a person to be rich that important?

Chasing worldly things are like chasing the wind. All will come to naught in the end. Chase the proper thing.


Shingo T said...

I always treated earning money as a game. Winning is a bonus, and losing just means try another day.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, haha I read that when I was studing some HR module in uni.

V said...


ooh i learned the maslow's hierarchy of needs thing in psychology. lolz.
but anw, how come u're studyin marketing? wad happened to A level?? =x