Short Random Stuff.

I have been yet again so busy that i did not have the time to blog a real proper entry. So now, i shall also be posting short notes again. (:

  • I was going to Starbucks and inspired by a plurk of a friend, i decided to take photos of all Starbucks that i have visited. Currently, they are Bukit Panjang, Parkway Parade, Central, Wilkie Edge, Ion, Wisma Atrium, Plaza Singapura, The Cathay, Suntec 1, Suntec 2, Marina Sq 1, Marina Sq 2, Millenia Walk and Coronation Plaza. These are the few photos i have for the past few weeks. When i have taken all the photos of every SB, i will surely dedicate a post to it. :D

  • 19 more days to the biggest day of my life. Hmmm, getting the key. (if you understand).

  • Have been reading more philosophy and also psychology books to increase knowledge of said subjects. As i keep reading, i realize that reading this might cause a certain conflict between subject and my religion. Maybe, this is only a starting part. As i go along, i hope to be able to resolve this conflict.

  • Have also been reading on Edward De Bono 'Lateral Thinking'. Forces me to think in different perspective instead of actually posting a certain judgement on first impressions.

  • I realize that i might be just becoming a Jack of all Trades but Master of None. That is a very upsetting fact considering i know the surface of things but more in depth, i am LOST.

  • Just a question for readers to ponder - The Earth is a planet in Space. This Space is in the Solar System which is the outer arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is one of the huge number of galaxies in the Universe. But what is the Universe itself is in?


Shingo T said...

Getting the key means turning 21? I was once that young, about 200 years ago.

As you work longer, you will be more focused in certain ares of knowledge. So it's ok to be Jack-of-all-trade for now.

The universe? It's in a cookie jar of the Man above.

xizor2000 said...

Wahh... didn't know I have inspired you to go take photos of all the SB in SG. :P

When you have helped me complete the collection, I'll dedicate a post to that too. :)

Roxy. said...

Shingo- u 221? Wah wah wah.
yea prolly, working longer might make me focus on a certain trade but just a bit disappointed that the years of education has not really defined me as a master of a certain trade.
Hmmm. Man above. Haha.

Xizor2000- ya lor. Was inspired. So am slowly going around whole of SG to take. Might gain even more pounds now. Haha.