Book and thoughts.

Sitting down sipping starbucks,I reached out and took out a book that someone recently bought for me.
This book I hold dear now is a book I had been finding for weeks till someone surprised me with it.
"House & Philosophy."
The House that the book is referring to is the US drama serial "House".
I have been watching House for a few years and am always intrigued by House's behaviour and character, of course at times, I find myself being mirrored on this character.
Philosophy, a subject I have been interested for a while but have never delved deeper till recently.
So imagine my surprise, when I chanced upon this title in a bookshop but they did not stock it. A combination of my interests.
I have read around 1/4 of the book and have agreed with most of the points of the book. The way people react and the way things work. I won't go into much details because I have not completed the book yet.

Random thoughts and stuff
(might be bimbotic :p )

Have to lose weight ! Even though i lost 2kg recently. But i still need to so that I can hit my ideal weight of 50. :(

Have to stop including whipped cream for all my SB drinks.

/end bimbotic thoughts.
run post.exit


Shingo T said...

Whipped cream is pure evil. It doesn't just make you fat. But it's filled with trans fat that is associated with heart diseases.

Sorry to spoil your love for whipped cream, but I say this because I care.

Anyway, good luck on the weight losing exercise. I feel bad sometimes, because some ladies lose weight because they think man are superficial.

Roxy. said...

Thanks a lot. Yeah i know the whipped cream is bad. That's why am taking it out. (:

This is for no man though but for myself. I am an overweight kid. ):