When we were younger, we showed no strains of stress.
We were carefree. Homework were hidden behind cupboards. Switching on the telly only to watch the cartoons. Reading comics. If we said something honest and straightforward, everyone will laugh and prolly agree. Playing all day seems to be the motto for younger days.

Times have changed.
Homework can no longer be hidden for risk of losing job. The stress built up with added responsibilities of earning enough to provide or to sustain a better lifestyle. Reputation is also built up.
Switching on the television to watch the news which in my opinion is always showing bad news.Just a reminder, General Election is this year.
Reading the news becomes a daily affair.
An honest and brutal answer might get shoot down for being not politically correct. In a way, we grow up to a world of facade.
Responsibilty becomes the motto of this life.


Shingo T said...

Responsibilities ain't always that bad. It gives a sense of achievement when handled right. And it certainly add more meaning to life.

There was a time when we played carefree. And now is the time we start picking up the responsibilities that will allow our future generation to enjoy their carefree days, while it last.

Roxy. said...

Yup, there are pros and cons i suppose. But IM STILL YOUNG ! ;p
I have no future generation YET ! I dun want to be buried with responsibility.