No worries.

I might hide many things from you,
But do know my heart is true.

Seeing you makes me happy,
And I too hope it's true for you.

The worries of mine disappear,
Once the moment you appear.

I never regret any single thing,
I willing to give you everything.

I told you I can't promise you I won't lie,
But do know I will never make you sad.

I never want to see you cry,
Because I know I will die.

Sorry a common word I say,
And I know no worries is what you say.


MKL said...

Good one. A tad more positive. 'Never regret', that's the best motto. :)

Shingo T said...

A heartful poem.
Sounds like a poem meant for a guy. ^_^

Roxy. said...

Thanks MKL and Shingo. (:
Yes, indeed a poem from my heart.