1) School has started. The class still the same. The subjects totally different. I hope I can understand the concepts. It's the first week and I'm under stress. :(

2) V7 is out. Though I'm not as excited as the hey years, but I can also see the decline in it as there were no queues/credit/people at it at all. Wondered if there was e-amuse at dbg. V7 also have the feeling of incompleteness I guess due to the lack of theme. Tested out the guitar portion but not the drums yet.

3) Easter Sunday was a headache not because of the service but because I couldn't sleep the day before! A nightmare it was to want to sleep but not being able to. Tossing and turning in bed is a bad idea when you have sunrise service and had to be up at 0530, but thankfully, I did not fall asleep in both services.

4)Various friends seem to be getting married and getting a flat seems to be the priority. I heard that flat prices have shot up through the roof and I wonder how the goverment wants young couples to have kids yet basic needs are too expensive to even sustain or get. How would a young couple be able to feed an extra mouth when housing prices are rocket high and expenses in singapore are quite high?

5) As I'm sitting down gazing up the sky, I wondered if I didn't lie, would things have turned out this way?
Would there be a change? I do not know how things might have turned out if I didn't lie. Maybe the status quo would have been so much different. It might never changed. Relationships would never change. Life would never change. I don't know what happened that day that prompted me to make that decision. A mystery maybe.

6) Sometimes, I wondered am I a person that let people who are my 'friends' walk over me. I know what they are trying to do but yet I close an eye. Maybe I see it as just part and parcel of life? I really hate it but yet I can't find the strength to resist it. Even though I ain't easily swayed but on context of friends, the line gets easily blurred. Many times, phrases of ' on account of our friendship' are being spoken, the rules relaxed and things changed. Sometimes, Im on my way to full confrontation but then I always stop and ponder and let it go. But letting go meant I always remember, for there was no way to justify except to remember what had happened and hope it never happened again.


Shingo T said...

1) Stress is self-induced. Always remember that the crisis of today will be the joke of tomorrow. Learn to take studies a little less seriously, and you will fare better in both studies and life. Breathe.

3) There's something on your mind that causing you to be sleepless? Seek a closure if you can if it's something bothering you.

4) My flat loan stretches 30 years, while my mum paid hers in 10years years ago, and she earns a fraction of what I do.

5) The past in a forgone conclusion. Look forward, and ask yourself "What now?"

6) Be good to your friends, but be better to yourself. Learn to say "No" when saying "Yes" will only make you unhappy.

Just a quick piece of advice, noticed that your recent posts are getting gloomy. You are young and youthful, it is the perfect time when you build up sweet memories.

Don't let your youth fly away just like that. When you start becoming as old as Uncle Shingo, ensure you have some "good old memories" to think about that will bring you a smile out of nowhere.

What you need, in my opinion, is a mindset change. The day is beautiful ONLY when you think it is.

MKL said...

I wanted to give you a long comment, then I saw Shingo did the job for me :P Listen to him, I agree on what he says :)

Roxy. said...

Thanks Shingo for your advice and you are so not an uncle.
Its true what you earn would be more then what your mom is earning, but flat prices then weren't as steep as now. I guess is also partially couples wanting bigger flats for themselves, like a 4rm and above. Sooner or later, Singaporeans would be millionaires with their HDB flats. LOL.
Yes, my youth is here. I should learn to treasure it more and maybe act more like a kid. :p
it's time for more happy posts.

Roxy. said...

Hahahaha!! MKL!! Yes, I also agree on what Shingo said. (:

Shingo T said...

Don't see you are acting like a kid. You just think alot.

It's not wrong, but you should channel some of your thinking time to go out and smell the roses.

Cheers! ^_^