Random the Rigid.

I feel under the water.
I feel so busy.
I feel so pressured.
I feel the stress.
I feel so much.

I gotta slow down.
I gotta think less.
I gotta relax.
I gotta be less.
I gotta stop.

1) Rushing through projects that i had to pass up ceases my time. Exams around the corner forces me to study to get a good grade for a good honors degree.

2)Working in the day was a drag for a while, but i'm getting the drive back. I want to achieve many things. But talk is all there is now. Action has not started. I have to start making my move.

3)I got to start planning my time, the weekdays are always kept busy with work and study. The weekends a total privilege to spend with the family and church.

4)Time isn't a problem. I just have to make full good use of it.


Shingo T said...

A good honours grade is over-rated, unless you are planning to pursue the academic experience.

It's a good-to-have, but for practical reasons like employability and pay expectations, work experience matters more than that piece of paper, in most cases.

In short, don't stress over it, it's not worth it.

While it's important to study hard at uni, don't forget the play aspects. Get as much friendship and network (and have fun while doing so) while you are in school, you will be pleasantly surprised how much these will come in handy later.

Roxy. said...

Thanks Shingo for that advice. Will keep that in mind. (: