A question i wonder.

Recently, i have been pondering about this question.

Ok, more of this equation instead. Does anyone know how to solve this?
Apparently I have to take this equation and open up another equation to be able solve this.

The mind is happy with an equation in the brain to solve the answer before proceeding to the next. 
The intrigue and complexity of this makes me yearn for more. 
The interesting one leaves me begging for more. 
The love for such was never felt till i grew much older now. 


MKL said...

If Shingo doesn't solve this one, nobody does :P

Shingo T said...

What's that dot above the y mean?

It's pretty embarrassing, but I might not know the answer, haha. =p

Roxy. said...

The dot denotes time derivative.
If you don't know, i doubt i will know. :p

T(H)(B) said...

I forgot how to do this already... *wipe sweat*