It's been a long long while. Last month was a hectic month with my first official exams.
I pray that I get good grades. The most worrisome subject would be Finance Management.
Sadly there is no break at all. ):
Immediately, before even the dust settled, came the new timetable for the next semester. ):
I'm so ARGH!
But thank God, I had a short break during the national day long weekend holidays with friends.
Glad that both good friends joined the retreat. (:
As both are contemplating to understand and maybe accept. I praise God. (:
During the retreat, i learned quite a number of revelations and new things and really thank God for all these.
But the most important thing is not really learning nor just understanding, but really applying it to life. (:
To pray with confidence, patience and humility.
I thank God for everyone.
God encompass Love.
It's time for my busy work now. (:
A lot of work waiting for me. It's time to start the motor. (:

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Shingo T said...

Learn to find joy in your busy schedule. It will make your life more fun, and more meaningful too.

You are still young. Don't let the enthusiasm lose steam! ^_^