'Tower of Babel'

Do you know the story of the tower of Babel?
Tower of Babel, a summarization for those who don't know is the entire human race building a tower to reach the heavens. 
Everyone had the same language, able to communicate and want to reach heavens to be able to meet God and probably be like God themselves. 
It was never completed because God came down and confused the language of the world. 

In our modern time and day now, are we also building a 'Tower of Babel'?
There are many things going on outside, technological advances, medical advances, the debate on abortion, voluntary euthanasia. Our hands touching on subjects that used to be part of the unknown. We are getting smarter each day, and i might even dare say, we are getting to be like the 3 O's, Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence.

Just recently, Stephen Hawking, a famous physicist declared in his own words, "God did not create the universe." Stephen Hawking Revelation
But well, i think it's just publicity for his new book.
And everything is theory on itself, for if M theory can prove the nonexistent God, M theory can also prove there is a God.
But then i would have to go into quantum physics and that is not yet my expertise at the moment. I just leave with 2 links for you to decipher.
String Theory
M Theory


MKL said...

I think, if Stephen Hawking says something like that it has a lot of weight. He does not just say something like that, he's one of the biggest intellectuals in the history of humankind, I'd not just brush that off like that by saying "is just a theory". :)

T(H)(B) said...

The worl came about with a big bang!