Religion and the Secular World.

Touchy subject especially after our beloved Prime Minister just mentioned about it in his National Day Rally.
Of course, i am not going to shoot myself in the foot by writing some nonsense.

I am not going to focus on any specific religion but as we can see in the most recent census in 2000, 42.5% of Singaporeans are Buddhists,14.9 are Muslims,14.6 are Christians,8.5% are Taoists,4% are Hindus and 0.6% are other religions. The 14.8% are people with no religious affiliation.

For a small country like Singapore, we are actually quite a religious country.

It seems there is a reason why we are religious judging from reports by Pascal Boyer and also a recent paper from an online journal Evolutionary Psychology.

" Gregory Paul finds that countries with the lowest rates of social dysfunction - based on 25 measures, including rates of homicide,abortion,teen pregnancy,sexually transmitted disease,umemployment ,and poverty - have become the most secular." excerpt from Newsweek

So what does it mean to be religious now? Are we in a depraved country that we turn to religion or?

Of course, i am not going to answer those questions. You tell me. (:

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