What is Life?

What is life?
In order to know the meaning of life. We have to first ask the question what is life? When we know what is life, do we continue to press on to find out what is the true meaning of life.
We can easily go into scientific ways on how life is created, we can easily refer to the book,' What is life?', but do you truly know what is the meaning of life and the life that you live in?
Why are people intrigued by life is it because we are living it.
There are so many meanings of life to different people. To the people that are living in a war torn country, life is just the opposite of death. If you did not die today, tommorow might be your day. To the people of countries that are not plagued by the war, life to them is a mystery that we all try to find the meaning. Who invented the word life?


Plankton McPlank said...

hmm, this reminds me of a deep quote I read on a book:

"As sentient beings, people are inevitably doomed to meanings."

I thought about it for a moment before switching back to my TV. Heh.

Totally irrelevant, but you're turning really witty! Are you moonlighting as a philosopher??


Roxy. said...

Nice quote. Really a thought to think about.
No,no. So am not. Philosophy is only for the cheem minded. i am the border minded. haha.

kenwooi said...

well.. the true meaning of life can be vague.. but as long as you live life to the fullest, the life is worth it! =)

Shingo T said...

Live everyday like the last day of your life. Just remember not to spend all the cash. =p

Xavi said...

saw your comment on THB blog.
decided to drop by to say hi here.

The Hungry Bitch said...

I really dunno... :(

Roxy. said...

kenwooi - ah, yes. living life to its fullest. nice.

shingo-haha.i dun have money too now at the moment. haha.


thb- neither do i. ):
that's y i wrote that.