A heart breaks in the distance.

I jus got it. The reponses are now cold,unfeeling and just chills me to the bone. Was this what was meant by being bipolar? One minute, the reponses were warm and spontaneous. The next was, as you know, cold.
I really can't see why was there a need to keep a distance. Was there something unspoken between us that drews us apart?
I can never understand how u felt at any one point because you were sort of erratic, but you were you. That interesting person whom I grew fond of. The person whom I could talked all day and never grew tired of. I was an arts person, you were more of the intellect. I guess that was what drew us closer in the beginning. The opposites attraction, that's what they they would say. I could sit all day remincising the memories we spent together, but I knew all that is now over.
The thread that used to hold us together has been snipped away.
I guess this is goodbye and it pains me to see you walk away.


Plankton McPlank said...
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Plankton McPlank said...

Hey :) Ask you a riddle: What did the char siew bao sing to the man tou?

Roxy. said...

LOL. 987 fm.
I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night. :D

Plankton McPlank said...

Damn, I thought you wouldn't have heard it before :D!

Shingo T said...

Hope you have cheered up by now, Roxy.

Roxy. said...

Plankton - I hear the radio everyday. Till i am kinda sick of Lovedrunk. LOL. But thanks.

Shingo- Yea, i am well. How was ur trip?